Bug reports for “The Team” go here

Leave bug reports in the comments, please.

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  1. Also, in the “dinosaur race,” did you mean to say both vehicles were geared for torque, not speed? Non-gearhead here.

  2. Larry says:

    I posted these in the previous bug thread a while back.
    “Sargent John Hayes” -> “Sergeant John Hayes” (haunt_fox also reported)
    “Oh, come on LT.” I think there’s a missing line of dialogue from the lieutenant right before this.
    “CalTech” is typically written “Caltech” and is far from Palo Alto. Perhaps Stanford was intended?
    “smashed it’s battering ram” -> “its” (haunt_fox also reported)
    “even if they got” rest of sentence is missing (haunt_fox also reported)
    “tells me that that Mike has” -> “tells me that Mike has”
    “asked me to to do” -> “asked me to do”
    “got fins one one end.” -> “got fins on one end.”

    Also, this image was omitted from the comment above.

  3. John Walker says:

    I have omitted ones which were reported by Larry in the comment above.

    Location 474: “The APC gunned its engine, and *tired* spun…”
    Should be “tires”.

    Location 475: “He’d wanted to do this without *blood shed*.”
    This is a matter of personal choice, but “bloodshed” as one word is the more common usage.

    Location 485: “…forced himself to *breath*.”
    Should be “breathe”.

    Location 589: “…and then the crumpled fell off the hood…”
    The crumpled what? Perhaps “crumpled door” or some such was intended.

    I enjoyed the tip of the hat to _Starship Troopers_ at location 111.

  4. Jared Burrell says:

    Location 268
    “facility the”
    Comment: make it “facility until the”

    Location 474
    Comment: maybe “tires”

    Location 570
    Comment: it should be “then”

    Location 589
    Comment: crumpled what?

    Location 618
    “forearm arm”
    Comment: redundant?

  5. John Walker says:

    Location 228: “De *Opresso* Liber”
    Should be “De oppresso liber” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_oppresso_liber). Also, since it’s a Latin phrase, it should probably be in italics.

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