draft four almost 25% done; some statistics

the timeline so far:

  • 01 Jan 2011: started draft 1. Expected it to be 120,000 words
  • 24 Aug 2011: finished draft 1. 235 days. 169,429 words. 720 words per day.
  • break (130 days)
  • 01 Jan 2012: started draft 2.
  • 03 Aug 2012: finished draft 2. 215 days. 210,000 words. 976 words per day.
  • 04 Aug 2012: started draft 3.
  • 20 Dec 2012: finished draft 3. 139 days. 274,594 words. 1,975 words per day.
  • break (87 days)
  • 17 Mar 2013: started draft 4
  • 29 May 2013: today. Draft is 22.3% done

As of right now the novels are at 291,266 words.

Some computed statistics:

  • added 16,672 words so far in this draft
  • … which means I expect to add 74,762 words total
  • … which means that the novels should reach around 350,000 words
  • i.e. somewhere between 1,000 and 1,400 pages
  • At this rate, the expected completion date is around 27 December 2013
  • At this rate, the expected project length is 273 days
  • I’ve revising 1,282 words per day

Some color commentary:

My daily word rate has dropped a tad from draft 3, but draft 3 was an insane sprint when I thought that the end was in sight. It was also a sprint being performed on a noticeably shorter work.

Even though the break from Christmas to this spring felt like a long time, it wasn’t quite three months.

I’d really been hoping to finish up by 1 October so that I could launch a kickstarter mid-month and ship books for Christmas…but it’s not to be. This story is huger than I had any conception of, and it demands to be done well. The fourth draft needs to be done, and then there might even be a fifth draft.


Screw the “books ship by 31 December 2013” deadline.

I might not finish draft 5 of this thing until October of NEXT year.

Books ship by 31 December 2014. Yes. FOURTEEN.

(fingers crossed)

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5 Responses to draft four almost 25% done; some statistics

  1. jeremy says:

    As a beta-reader for draft 2, can’t wait to see the completed version!

  2. Max Lybbert says:

    On the one hand, I’m getting antsy for the books. On the other, the revisions you’ve published are clear improvements over the first draft you published, so I think it’ll be worth the wait.

    And your schedule reminds me of the joke the Perl 6 developers have been using for years now: it’ll be done by Christmas, but we don’t know of which year.

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