“I missed the kickstarter! Can I buy it on Amazon?”

Several people have asked me “I missed the kickstarter! Can I buy it on Amazon?”.

The short answer is: no, but you will be able to buy copies again…some day.

The longer answer is:

When the kickstarter closed at over $18,000 – putting it in the top 5% of all kickstarter publishing projects ever – I was contacted by two publishing agents.

I signed with one of them and the book is currently being shopped around to major publishers.

Part of the deal with major publishers is that they don’t want to RE-publish something. This limited kickstarter release is OK, but my agent cautions me against doing anything more.

…so I won’t. If a publisher wants the book and makes me a sufficiently good offer, I’ll go that route. If either no publisher wants to take a chance on 1,300 pages of talking dogs and 25mm rifles used in space combat, or one of them does, but comes up with an insultingly low offer, I’ll self publish on Amazon.

So, either way, we’re in a blackout period now. If you missed the kickstarter, you will get to read the book eventually…once it is either published by a real publisher, or once I decide to ignore them and pull the self-publishing trigger.

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