We did it!

Thanks so much

I didn’t think that there was any realistic chance that we’d break $18k, but we did it! I’m thrilled with the money, of course (hey, it’s not every day someone gets to earn $2.90 per hour for 2,000+ hours! 🙂 ), but what really makes me happy is that a story that I worked so long and hard on is of interest to so many people. It’s a great tale, and I think you’re really going to enjoy it. And speaking of enjoyment, I’ve got pride-of-craftsmanship flowing right now: this is the story I wanted to write, and I wrote it the best way I knew how, and I took a full five drafts to really get it right. I’ll probably never climb Everest, but this is something I worked hard on…and I think when you read it, you’ll be able to tell.

What comes next

It is my understanding that it takes 14 days for funds to get released. In parallel with this I will send out surveys, asking people for details on their order (does the $100 pledge want one set of hardcovers, two sets of trade, or what? …and each of the ten collectors edition hardcover pledges gets to specify a name for a minor character!).

Also, during those 14 days, I will be reading the proof copies which should be arriving imminently, and making any required changes.

Once the funds release I will go to my printer and start cranking out orders, to direct ship to backers. I will also be sending out e-books at the same time.

Printing and binding takes ~5 days.

Shipping takes ~5-7 days.

People who pledged for the collectors editions hardcovers will be getting signed and numbered books, so those will ship to my home, and I will turn them around within a day or so.

Here is the best possible case schedule:

  1. KS ends: 18 April
  2. funds released to me: 2 May
  3. books purchased from printer: 2 May
  4. books shipped by printer: 9 May
  5. books arrive at pledge backers: 16 May
  6. 10 collectors edition sets arrive at my house: 16 May
  7. I sign and reship 10 collectors edition sets: 17 May
  8. 10 collectors edition sets arrive at your home: 24 May

There is also one person who has signed up for the “lunatic edition”, which will be bound in leather.

I do not have a precise schedule for that yet.

N.B. that the above is the best possible schedule. Any number of things (known unknowns, or unknown unknowns) could happen, causing one or more 1-2 day hiccups.

I will proceed as quickly as possible, aiming to hit the above dates…and I will keep you in the loop if there are any noteworthy deviations.

Thanks again

Once again, I really really appreciate your support!


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