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the College Kids…and Ewoma!

I finished up on the John-and-Dogs thread, got briefly distracted into the John-and-the-raid-on-the-PK-facility, and am now firmly ensconced in the second pass through the novel: working the College Kid thread (Hugh, Louisa, Allyson, and Selena) from start to finish. Two … Continue reading

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another visual diff

Today’s revision. Click to embiggen.

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another rewrite example: show don’t tell

Time for another rewrite example. Here’s the original: == 7 Aug 2064 John had finally stopped hustling Mike, Javier and the rest of the group from loading dock to loading dock and from rented vehicle to taxi to hot wired … Continue reading

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Skipping back a few days, I see that Chapter 66 wasn’t rewritten from scratch, so it provides decent grist for the diff mill. Old in on the left. New is on the right.

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the book is growing

I’m about 80% of the way through the rewrite of the John-and-Dogs thread of the novel. Good news: A lot of awkward writing is going away. More good news: I think the characterization is really coming together: the Dogs are … Continue reading

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