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draft four almost 25% done; some statistics

the timeline so far: 01 Jan 2011: started draft 1. Expected it to be 120,000 words 24 Aug 2011: finished draft 1. 235 days. 169,429 words. 720 words per day. break (130 days) 01 Jan 2012: started draft 2. 03 … Continue reading

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chapter 202: Dogs program the armed rovers

== 2064: The Den, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Blue stared at a block of code, then shook his head in disgust. There were too many bugs in this file, and he knew why – the module as a whole was a … Continue reading

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chapter 196: Dogs prepare for the invasion

Blue watched the small lifting beam crane hoist the cargo container off the bed of the automated delivery truck. The truck pulled forward, leaving the load dangling in the air. A moment later it was gone and the warehouse door … Continue reading

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[ some ] novels are like sausage

Apparently large numbers of professional novelists turn out three to four books per year. Here’s an example: Hugh Howey talking about a book he hasn’t started yet In case any of you enterprising and impatient cats are searching Amazon … Continue reading

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gravel boats

I’ve blogged this chapter at least once before. It’s one of my favorites. Here it is, after the fourth draft. ============= == 2064: Nan Garde, Haitian Dominican Protectorate, Earth John looked at the team. His team. It was a weird … Continue reading

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chapter: 40 kilometers above Aristillus

The background: John and the Dogs have been hiking around the equator of the moon for six months. While they were on Farside Earth forces destroyed the relay sattelites in lunar orbit, thus cutting John off from Aristillus…and also cutting … Continue reading

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Gravity, produced, co-edited and directed by Alfonso Cuarón

This looks amazing: more

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the next big thing

So apparently all the cool writer kids are tagging each other with the “the next big thing” meme. I’m an introvert with out any writing friends (well, except my girlfriend fiance…and she’s in a symmetric situation), so I’ll tag myself. … Continue reading

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