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chapter: 210: Restivo ready for launch

== 2064: Nevada, US, Earth General Restivo stood on the bluff. The cool night-time desert wind whipped around him, grabbing at the hem of his field uniform jacket. The wind chilled him – as did the sight below. The arc-lit … Continue reading

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draft four: 35% done

Twenty days ago I blogged about my status): 22.3% revised 291,266 words Today: 34.84% revised 305,924 words Looks like I’m revising 2,000 words per day … and adding 771 words per day. I note that when I wrote my first … Continue reading

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the eight rules of ancap revolution

1st RULE: You do not talk about libertarian revolution. 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about libertarian revolution. 3rd RULE: If a firm declares bankruptcy, stops trading, or the CEO flees Aristillus and goes back to Earth, the firm is … Continue reading

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conversation over at Hugh Howey: people stealing your ideas

I really enjoy Hugh Howey’s books, and above and beyond being a great fiction writer, he’s also a damn good chronicler of the self-publishing adventure. He had a post earlier today that I thought was great. One bit: I’d … Continue reading

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chapter 13: Senator Linda Haig’s Office, Tester Senate Building

This scene happens really early in the book. It serves a few purposes: sets up Linda Haig as a believeable antagonist with her own goals sets her up as a deeply intelligent woman sets up the conflict between Linda and … Continue reading

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chapter: Hugh bets on future markets

Background: This scene is near the end of the series. The final battle is raging in the underground tunnels of Aristillus. A dozen vast invasion ships have landed, swatted aside most Aristillus Defense Force resistance, and are advancing…but the ADF … Continue reading

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David Friedman – Stateless and Semi-Stateless Societies in Fiction and Semi-Fiction

If you like libertarian science fiction, you’ve got to listen to this lecture by David Friedman. Awesome stuff.

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chapter 88: Hugh talks to Ewoma

== 2064, Evergreen Court Apartments, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Hugh looked at the empty iced coffee cup and crumpled donut bag on the kitchen table and felt a wave of disgust. Skipping a real breakfast and working on the story with … Continue reading

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