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one week break

Lots of stuff needs to be done at work, and I’m a bit tired of writing, so I’m taking a one week break. Back at it soon!

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chapter 149: Darren continues salvaging nuclear material from crashed UN ships, then gets a weird emails

== 2064: lunar surface near lock #473, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Darren scratched ineffectually at the side of his suit. His glove brushed against the fabric over his torso, which barely moved over the cooling undergarment, which only lightly touched his … Continue reading

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progress continues

I finished the Mike-and-Darcy thread. There’s some really nice symmetry there – the book starts with a chapter that showcases Mike and shows that Darcy isn’t his top priority, and it ends with the two of them holding hands, looking … Continue reading

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Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish just gave me permission to use some lyrics from one of her songs in the novel. Woooooot! In a hat-tip to my various metal-head e-friends, I’ve taken license to have the band in the novel perform it a … Continue reading

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behind the scenes

Brian left a comment: I am reminded that RAH and Virginia, for short story, used a roll of butcher paper and two days of time to work out the calculations for an orbit. For a line that read (IIRC) ‘And … Continue reading

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planning a novel: magic comes from hard work

In a thread about writing, Vox Day writes: Some authors love to create myths about the magic of the process, but as Glenn Frey commented in the documentary about The Eagles, the secret of song-writing is in the elbow … Continue reading

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snakes stats in a table

draft start finish duration words/day size 1 1 Jan ’11 24 Aug ’11 235 720 169,000 2 1 Jan ’12 3 Aug ’12 215 976 210,000 3 04 Aug ’12 20 Dec ’12 139 1,975 275,000 4 17 Mar ’13 … Continue reading

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Mysteries and unresolved questions in novels

Mysteries and unresolved questions are a part of real life, and so it’s OK for them to exist in novels. As a matter of fact, I’m inclined to be a bit suspicious of any novel in which everything gets tidily … Continue reading

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social niceties, backstabbing, tribalism

I’m reading a lot of indie science fiction literature on my kindle. Two things pain me. The smaller of the two: most of it is mediocre at best, trash at the worst. The larger of the two: I’m starting to … Continue reading

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another perspective on five drafts, three years, and 3,000 hours of work

“If you set your bar at ‘amazing’ it’s awfully difficult to start. Your first paragraph, sketch, formula, sample or concept isn’t going to be amazing. Your tenth one might not be either. Confronted with the gap between your vision of … Continue reading

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