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Leave bug reports in the comments, please.

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  1. Also, in the “dinosaur race,” did you mean to say both vehicles were geared for torque, not speed? Non-gearhead here.

  2. Larry says:

    I posted these in the previous bug thread a while back.
    “Sargent John Hayes” -> “Sergeant John Hayes” (haunt_fox also reported)
    “Oh, come on LT.” I think there’s a missing line of dialogue from the lieutenant right before this.
    “CalTech” is typically written “Caltech” and is far from Palo Alto. Perhaps Stanford was intended?
    “smashed it’s battering ram” -> “its” (haunt_fox also reported)
    “even if they got” rest of sentence is missing (haunt_fox also reported)
    “tells me that that Mike has” -> “tells me that Mike has”
    “asked me to to do” -> “asked me to do”
    “got fins one one end.” -> “got fins on one end.”

    Also, this image was omitted from the comment above.

  3. John Walker says:

    I have omitted ones which were reported by Larry in the comment above.

    Location 474: “The APC gunned its engine, and *tired* spun…”
    Should be “tires”.

    Location 475: “He’d wanted to do this without *blood shed*.”
    This is a matter of personal choice, but “bloodshed” as one word is the more common usage.

    Location 485: “…forced himself to *breath*.”
    Should be “breathe”.

    Location 589: “…and then the crumpled fell off the hood…”
    The crumpled what? Perhaps “crumpled door” or some such was intended.

    I enjoyed the tip of the hat to _Starship Troopers_ at location 111.

  4. Jared Burrell says:

    Location 268
    “facility the”
    Comment: make it “facility until the”

    Location 474
    Comment: maybe “tires”

    Location 570
    Comment: it should be “then”

    Location 589
    Comment: crumpled what?

    Location 618
    “forearm arm”
    Comment: redundant?

  5. John Walker says:

    Location 228: “De *Opresso* Liber”
    Should be “De oppresso liber” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_oppresso_liber). Also, since it’s a Latin phrase, it should probably be in italics.

  6. Brendan says:

    Larry’s comment about CalTech is well founded. Also, if it’s a weekday, forget about getting to Oakland. It’s an hour just to cross the San Mateo bridge and worse if you are foolish enough to head through the city. Best bet is an antigrav boat waiting in Crystal Springs reservoir. Anything over near 101 would be jammed and a death trap.

    Check google maps traffic patterns. The 280 corridor is the home of the wealthy and will probably stay fairy underdeveloped. It’s usually a nice fast ride until you get near 92.

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