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3 Responses to TFW

  1. Richard Sharpe says:

    I think you have made a mistake WRT the handling of Gamma’s instances that are offline at any time.

    The reason is that there is always latency between the instances even when they are online and in contact with each other. That latency might only be on the order of a millisecond or so, but it is there. There is also potential clock drift, but I guess with atomic clocks that can be minimized.

    In any event, already, each instance has to merge the memories and experiences of the other instances into a coherent whole. However, there will always be cases where two events occur closely enough together to prevent a total ordering and it may be that each instance takes different courses of action because they have more local knowledge.

    An instance that is offline essentially has a much larger latency but many of the same problems arise. Of course, with an offline instance the other instances have a less reliable view of reality …

    And, all memory records would be tagged with an instance id. Those that match can simply be discarded, while those that don’t are kept around. Of course, some things, like the moon is at position X should be common for all, while the position of a satellite would have some records in one instance but not in the other (because it is not in view in the other instance at those times.)

    It would be interesting to discuss this further.

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