Travis J I Corcoran

Travis J I Corcoran is a Catholic anarcho-capitalist software-engineering hobo farmer.

Travis has had non-fiction articles published in several national magazines including Dragon, Make, and Fine Homebuilding. “The Powers of the Earth” is his first novel.

What people are saying

I’m sure this can be justified as your lovely American free speech and not hate speech or malicious communication, and yes, I’m sure Corcoran has a perfect right to say it and all that shit. Guess what? I have a perfect right not to like it, and a right to wish not to be associated with the nutter who spews it.

— Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan, Iron Man Extremis, The Authority

I don’t think what Corcoran wrote should be criminal, but it’s certainly stupid, ill-advised and, frankly, immoral. Corcoran calls himself an anarcho-capitalist. Which is fine I guess. I’ll leave it to anarcho-capitalists to figure out if they want him. But he isn’t remotely libertarian.

— Radley Balko, Huffington Post senior writer, former analyst at Cato Institute

I’m left wondering – how is Travis Corcoran still a free man?

— The Daily Kos


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