Travis J I Corcoran

Travis J I Corcoran is a Catholic anarcho-capitalist software-engineering hobo farmer.

Travis has had non-fiction articles published in several national magazines including Dragon, Make, and Fine Homebuilding. “The Powers of the Earth” is his first novel.

What people are saying

I’m sure this can be justified as your lovely American free speech and not hate speech or malicious communication, and yes, I’m sure Corcoran has a perfect right to say it and all that shit. Guess what? I have a perfect right not to like it, and a right to wish not to be associated with the nutter who spews it.

— Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan, Iron Man Extremis, The Authority

I don’t think what Corcoran wrote should be criminal, but it’s certainly stupid, ill-advised and, frankly, immoral. Corcoran calls himself an anarcho-capitalist. Which is fine I guess. I’ll leave it to anarcho-capitalists to figure out if they want him. But he isn’t remotely libertarian.

— Radley Balko, Huffington Post senior writer, former analyst at Cato Institute

I’m left wondering – how is Travis Corcoran still a free man?

— The Daily Kos

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  1. Jahn says:

    You must be the guy who runs a business up in MA and had a blog called “Dispatches From TJICistan” (or something similar). There was an absolutely excellent post there about the economics of running a business. IIRC, there was something in there about the owner being paid last, and taking the first pay cut.

    Any chance that could be found? I’d love to link to it.


  2. Fred2 says:

    Just read your tweets about removing rocks from New England soil.

    Once I finished laughing…

    I have no idea where you live in New England, but everything I’ve ever read about farming in New England historically suggests that all those stone walls? Yeah. Virtue of necessity, somewhere to put all the rocks.

    Remember the original settlers spent hundreds of years farming and removing the rocks they found and every spring there were more, and when Ohio and the Midwest opened up, they basically all took off for the better soil. The archives are full of letters home saying basically “Dear Family I left behind, the dirt here is better, sell/leave get your flinty derrieres out here and leave that useless rock farm behind.” Pastoral farming took over except for a few patches/river bottom land for feed.

    That being said the remnants hung on for 150 years until the 1950’s, but the pattern was clear, the old man would die, and the farm would go out of production.

  3. Eric Ferland says:

    Where can one get a hold of said books now that kickstarter is over?
    thank you!

  4. Matthias Miller says:

    Hi there where can i buy the second kindle book in this series, Cause Of Separation. Cannot find it on Amazon

  5. Josh McDonnell says:

    Causes of Separation (Aristillus #2) E book? Just sent be a doc or pdf. Please ?!

  6. 1Stew says:

    There are some ideas you might want to think about for your next book. Is there a way send those to you without posting?

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      My initials are “TJIC”. You can reach me at that username at that domain name.

      I am always curious to hear ideas about marketing / publishing / etc., but I am actively NOT looking for plot / characterization / other ideas – I take pride in the fact that my novels are 100% my own creation and don’t want to muddy the waters by having anyone else make suggestions. The worst case would be if someone made a suggestion that I already had in mind, and then got the impression that I owe them a credit!

  7. Gareth says:

    I’ve just finished the audiobook of ‘Powers of the Earth’, what a fantastic book. I have been getting through several audiobooks a week for many years now and many turn out to be just back ground noise. Your book sits amongst the very best.

    I’m hoping the follow up in the series will also be available on audiobook soon?

    Thank you. G

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      Thanks Gareth!

      I too hope that the 2nd book is made into an audiobook. The publisher has the rights to do so.

      Two things will influence them:

      (1) Sales of the first audiobook
      (2) fan mail

      Feel free to recommend the audiobook to friends, and/or to contact the publisher!

  8. Steve says:

    This is literally one of the best books I’ve listened to In a long while. I cannot wait for book 2. If possible I think a prequel would be cool. I love how it seems to have such parallels with today’s society if it continues with the extremes that we are seeing.

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      Thanks, Steve! Really appreciate hearing it!

      Book 2 is available now in ebook and trade and the audiobook is scheduled for release in November.

      I have written two prequel short stories (limited release so far), and intend to write more. At some point the prequels will be bundled together into a collection.

      • Steve says:

        Oh man that’s awesome news, glad I stumbled upon this when I did then haha since the audio book isn’t that far off. I wish I actually had time to read a paper copy of a book :(. Keep up the great work man and thanks for replying

  9. Jay says:

    When is book 3?

  10. Awesome books! Please keep making more and don’t let those knuckleheads quoted at the top of the page get you down. They are scary and sad people.

    • Kevin Boegeman says:

      Hey sorry to post on your page again but I bought both the audio books and I am trying to figure out what books the AI/Gamma recommended John and/or the dogs to read. I would love to find those and read them. I cruised through the books and lost where that was referenced. Feel free to take this comment down if needed.

      • Travis J I Corcoran says:

        * The Starship and the Canoe
        * Cowen’s ‘Ungoverned Somalia,’
        * Friedman’s ‘The Icelandic Free State’
        * Bennington’s ‘Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo y Federacion
        Anarquista Iberica.’

        The first one is real, the last three are fictional

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      Thank you!

  11. Shieldfoss says:

    Kicked off twitter so I can’t write it there, but I just wanted to thank you for your twitter Prepper threads, they put me in the right mindset and right now as my country is closing everything around me, I find myself with stocks for 2 months, laid in only a few days before the shelves suddenly emptied as everybody else caught on.

  12. John says:

    Did they ban you from twitter?

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      Yes, my account is on hold because of “suspicious automated activity”, and I can’t reauthorize it because I don’t have access to the cell phone that was once used with it.

      I have appealed.

      Fingers crossed that I come back soon.

  13. John says:

    If they nuked your kickstarter, you should talk move your website over to 1776 hosting. They host people who have people trying to report them for bullshit like “racism”. the guy who runs it, Josh, should be able to help you raising money as well on New Project Two. It is like Patreon. Josh is friends with the guy who runs it

  14. Andy says:

    Please unlock twitter when you’re able. I don’t want an account on there, but really enjoy the homesteading and writing updates.

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      I’m in the middle of small town political maneuvering ; have to keep locked for now. I hope to unlock in March or April.

      • Bitterclinger13 says:

        Wish you the best, but this is having a major negative impact on my happiness (but positive impact on my productivity). Your twitter has been my first and last stop of the day (as well as many in between). First we lose Clarkhat, then Browningmachine, now you! Seriously, like many other people, your twitter feed clued me in to prep for Covid. Thanks. I’m an Escape the City backer and look forward to reading the book and your unlocked Twitter.

        Also, would happily pay a subscription to get writing by you Clarkhat and Browningmachine.

      • Andy says:

        So how bout that March/April thing? Hope all’s going well (despite what ebook implies)

        Enjoying my ebook, BTW. Thanks for getting it out ahead of paperback!

  15. Ed Powell says:

    Just finished Earth and starting Separation. Wow, was that excellent. Really well written and interesting. Better than Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and I am a big Heinlein fan. Thanks again for imagining a very interesting world and placing a bunch of well-drawn out characters in it. I used to follow you on Twitter, but apparently you went private. I’ll follow the instructions up-thread and hope to hear from you. One minor comment: your characters need to read a little more Hans-Hermann Hoppe. ?

  16. Brandon says:


    I recently discovered some of your work. Thank you for providing your insights.

    I was wondering if you recommend any reading material regarding the fall of the Roman Empire. I am looking for material on the subject but find that some information seems skewed and manipulated..

    Thank you,


    • Travis J I Corcoran says:


      Thanks for the feedback!

      I’ve read a decent bit about Rome, but not much of it in the last 20 years, since college. I’d love to read Gibbon’s Decline and Fall some day. Sorry I don’t have better recos.

  17. Terry says:


    Caught your appearance on Timcast the other week, and checked out your how-to guides on exfiltrating the big city to the boonies, and ended up getting both volumes and both volumes of the Aristillus books and the two short stories. Do you have an approximate ETA on when “Right and Duty” will drop?

    Still delving into Escape The City. I’m in north Texas, and thinking about selling and getting down around the hill country, since my current job is 100% remote now, and looking likely to stay that way, and because Starlink is almost to 1.0 status, I can pretty much live wherever.

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      Hey Terry, thanks for picking up the books!

      Next Ari books are probably 3 years out; just getting back to them now 🙁

      Yeah, remote + Starlink changes everything. I’ve visited Texas hill country and it’s very nice. If I lived in Texas, that’s where I’d go.

  18. Anton says:

    I saw a tweet mentioning “the Mormon from Aristillus” and I’m scratching my head

  19. Samuel Ogie says:

    First, want to say thanks for giving me the heads up via Twitter re: COVID-19 and stocking up ahead of time. Also, thanks for finding a way to stay on Twitter (I really miss reading Clarkhat and Browningmachine). Also, am enjoying Escape the City.

    I don’t and won’t have a Twitter account, so wanted to comment on one of your tweets because I work in the field of hospital finance and strategy and you seem to care about factual accuracy. The very large majority of payments to acute care hospitals are “prospective” payments. The hospital is paid based on the diagnosis regardless of how long a patient is in the hospital. Thus, hospital administration is typically very focused on lower average length of stay (while maintaining acuity level, because sicker patients are paid a higher prospective payment). I’d love to hear more from your friend about why hospitals are holding on to patients.

    Secondly, hospitals have been limiting ICU beds for decades as a way to mitigate the impact of EMTALA (the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act) signed by Reagan in the early 80s. Part of the act requires hospitals to accept all transfers for which they have the capacity and capability to provide care. This means that if you have plenty of empty ICU beds, smaller hospitals can dump their trainwreck Medicaid and no insurance patients on you and you have to take them. So, eigenrobot is correct that hospitals tend to have fewer ICU beds than most would expect.

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  21. Bitterclinger13 says:

    Your twitter feed is private again? Please don’t make that permanent.

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      I’ll be back in a week.

      The issue is that some internet nut job, R*man M*Clay, went on a murder spree in Denver a few days ago … and 18 months back, Roman had ALSO used Twitter to threaten to murder me and my wife, so a quick search of twitter (if, say, you’re a journalist) turns up my name.

      Journalists have started DMing me for comment, of which I have none.

      My name has already popped up in one news article, and I have zero desire to be linked to this nutjob in print.

      …so the twitter account will be locked for a week or two.

  22. Bitterclinger13 says:

    I know from reading your tweets that you don’t like it when “people just say things” so you might want to correct the tweet you retweeted from @xynkox (Mars Avenger) stating that NH is the state with the second most trees. I don’t think that’s possible when NY’s Adirondack State Park is larger than the entire state of NH (NY ASP 9,375 sqmi vs NH 9,349 sqmi according to wikipedia). Satellite view on google maps seems to confirm that it is very unlikely that NH has more trees than NY.

  23. Bitterclinger says:

    I dated a girl who went to Cornell in the early nineties as did her older sister. They told me that one of the bars in college town had a drink free til u pee night. IIRC, it was called something like “Don’t break the seal.” I think the bar might have been “The Nines” or something like that. 30 years ago, hard to remember. Thought u might be interested since you were in Ithaca at about that time.

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:


      Yeah, the Nines was a real bar when I was there 1988-1992. Not sure about the “break the seal” thing, but funny!

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