What’s new with Morlock Publishing?

The blog has been quiescent for a while, but that’s because there’s been a ton going on in the rest of my life:

  • #BarnLaw continues, with two lawsuits complete and two more lawsuits in progress
  • #BookLaw took a lot of time, but in the end Amazon settled out of court
  • I worked 60-70 hours per week for the first six months of 2022, at a variety of startups and consulting gigs
  • I either did myself or oversaw a ton of farm projects (putting in countless hours on Future Cider Orchard and installing solar panels on the farm)
  • I ran for and won office as a state rep in New Hampshire
  • I joined a new stealth mode startup as employee #6 and am working my butt off

…but I did have time to do a few Morlock Publishing related things:

  • I attended BasedCon as a guest author for the second time and had a great experience hanging out with fellow authors, fans, and John Carmack (yes, _that_ John Carmack).
  • I’ve been working on another Aristillus book, a YA tentatively entitled The Aristillus Hacker Club and the Journey to the Center of Mars, set 10 or 15 years after the events of Causes of Separation.
  • I’ve also been making [ slow ] progress on Aristillus 3 and 4 [ Right and Duty, and Absolute Tyranny ]

Everything goes slower, in the real world, than one might hope, but I have a strong goal of getting The Aristillus Hacker Club and the Journey to the Center of Mars done in time for BasedCon 3 in September 2023 … and may even have a stack of the book, with limited edition BasedCon-only covers for sale.


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