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Firefly Season 2 available at Amazon

This is a fun little short story. It’s got twelve 5-star views. Check out Firefly Season 2.

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Chapter 218: Ashok’s first day on the Moon

== 2064: Soldner Homes Ashok shook his head. “I don’t have time to accompany you shopping. I’ve got work to do.” “You can’t expect me to venture out into this place all by myself – it’s so big. I’ll get … Continue reading

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chapter 188: Poly kids (3/5)- DRM problems

== 2064: Atlanta Hackspace, Atlanta, GA, Earth The door to the hackerspace opened, and Vince walked in and peeled off his leather jacket. Maynard looked up. “Vince? Jesus, where’ve you been? I’ve been trying to reach you for two days.” … Continue reading

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chapter 185: Boardroom Group meets after Darcy is rescued and Mike is missing

== 2064: Boardroom Group Headquarters in Tunnel 1,288, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Javier looked around the dim construction area. The puddle of illumination from the a few overhead work lights showed three ADF guards with rifles slung, a dozen vehicles, and … Continue reading

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chapter 172: Mike waits for news – has Darcy made it out of the PK prison camp?

== 2064: Northern Logistics offices, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Mike turned the stylus over and over in his hands, occasionally pausing to tap it against the table, then rolling it through his fingers again. The raid should be done by now, … Continue reading

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chapter 102: Mike talks to Gamma

== MIKE’s House, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Mike walked through the empty house, and looked at a sweater Darcy had left behind. He picked it up and held it in his hands, feeling the softness of the cotton. He should have … Continue reading

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chapter 97: Mike tells Darcy not to go

== 2064: Karen’s Fish, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside Mike dipped the fried calamari into tartar sauce, chewed, and swallowed. “What do you mean you’re not afraid? The satellites just got burned again. That’s TWICE now. And this time they started by … Continue reading

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chapter 72: Mike and Mark Soldner casino issue (2 of 2)

As of today I’m 50.64% done with draft 4. Still on target to finish this draft around 11 October 2013. Background for this chapter: the Earth hostilities are ramping up. Mike is starting to build his Boardroom group to coordinate … Continue reading

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chapter: 210: Restivo ready for launch

== 2064: Nevada, US, Earth General Restivo stood on the bluff. The cool night-time desert wind whipped around him, grabbing at the hem of his field uniform jacket. The wind chilled him – as did the sight below. The arc-lit … Continue reading

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chapter 13: Senator Linda Haig’s Office, Tester Senate Building

This scene happens really early in the book. It serves a few purposes: sets up Linda Haig as a believeable antagonist with her own goals sets her up as a deeply intelligent woman sets up the conflict between Linda and … Continue reading

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