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draft three done!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last week or two – while doing draft three I reached the climax, which had a few surprises (understatement!), and it became impossible to give any more sample scenes without revealing VAST … Continue reading

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three revisions

Draft 1 was “getting a story down”. It ran to 160,000 words. Draft 2 was “fixing the huge plot holes, filling in missing bits, making the bad writing decent.” It ran to 220,000 words. Draft 3 (in progress) is “improve … Continue reading

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draft two complete!

After 9 months of work (7 days per week, averaging about 3 hours per day), I finished draft two today! Seeing those numbers there prompts me to do a bit of math. …Wow. 810 hours of work. Put that in … Continue reading

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the book is growing

I’m about 80% of the way through the rewrite of the John-and-Dogs thread of the novel. Good news: A lot of awkward writing is going away. More good news: I think the characterization is really coming together: the Dogs are … Continue reading

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the first rewrite is underway (hurray!)

When I finished the first draft of the novel around September 2011 I thought that I’d take a week off, then polish the first draft into a second draft by the end of the year. In fact, I needed to … Continue reading

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Beginning the rewrite

I’m now in day two of the rewrite. I finally have a handle on how big of a task this is going to be. I think I’m going to be working hard to get it done before the end of … Continue reading

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