Dramatis Personae: Darcy Grau

Name: Darcy Grau (122 hits)
motivation 1: help Mike achieve lunar independence
motivation 2: have fun navigating
motivation 3: have kids (in conflict with #2!)
Nick: Darce
Birth: American
Age: 35
Race: white
Eye: blue
Hair: blond ponytail
build: avg
skin: avg
dress: jeans, t-shirt (?)
mannerism: doesn’t swear
pers traits: openness to experience – very high
conscientiousness – very very high (navigator!)
extroversion – med
agreeableness – high (puts up with Mike)
neuroticism – low
background: 2028 – born to upper middle class family in CA
2046 – college at Yale
2049 – graduate in 3 years (age 21)
2049 – working at CATO in DC, meets Mike in CEO
trials, impressed with him (Mike 40, Darcy 21)
2053 – out in AZ working with spaceflight firms,
rumors about Mike
2055 – starts navigating for expats
2058 – starts dating Mike (Mike 50, Darcy 34)
2063 – current day
occupation/edu: ??? major at Yale, self educated in navigation
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One Response to Dramatis Personae: Darcy Grau

  1. Jenny says:

    Hunh.. Yale and CATO? I had read Darcy as a little more one-generation-from-blue-collar, no time for theory lady, and pictured her for some reason as hispanic or hispanic/african.

    This Darcy is a good balance for Mike, and now I think I’m going to have to rethink some of the scenes in my head.

    Cool to know!

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