e-book support thread

I’m getting close to sending out ebooks, in both .epub and .pdf formats.

If people have any problems or questions regarding the ebooks, please ask questions in the comments here.

I will both respond in the comments and (potentially) update this post to turn it into a FAQ.

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6 Responses to e-book support thread

  1. Andy Cleary says:

    I’d like to ask you “how do I put this on my Kindle”, but as a guy that *works* at Amazon, I’m aware that I really ought to be telling *others* how to do this. 😉 So I’ll figure it out.

    Thanks Travis!

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      Any steps you care to share would be great; I can post them here!

      • Alex says:

        @Andy I converted them to .MOBI with Calibre and it was all smooth sailing. As a guy who works at Jeff’s other company I can be one to complain about lack of epub support. (I don’t know the full story, but I assume lawyers have been involved)

        • Travis J I Corcoran says:

          Actually I believe that I can generate .epub files.

          Is that something that people would find helpful?

          • Andy Cleary says:

            Great Cthulhu, I actually managed to do this… Book 1 looks great on my Kindle, photos of the moon and all that! Now to butter up some popcorn, open a fresh growler of something appropriate for the summer sun, and enjoy!

  2. Lowell says:

    Converted using Calibre but the images are off and didn’t quite down-convert enough to fit on my paperwhite’s screen.

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