Eight writing manuals that are not an absolute waste of time

There are a lot of writer’s blogs out there. Most of them are a complete waste of time.

I’m a fan of Rahul Kanakia’s blog.

Who’s Rahul?

Rahul Kanakia is a science fiction writer who has sold stories to Clarkesworld, the Intergalactic Medicine Show, Apex, Nature, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. He currently lives in Baltimore, where he is enrolled in the Master of the Fine Arts program in creative writing at Johns Hopkins University.

Anyway, I asked Rahul on twitter this morning what writing books he recommended.

…and half an hour later, he’d banged out a blog post answering me.

Best of all, of the eight books he mentioned, I’ve only read one (“On Writing”, by Stephen King), so there’s a lot of good material for me to dive into.

Looking forward to it … and thanks, Rahul!

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  1. rahkan says:

    Oh, so you’re TJIC. Good to connect the dots here.

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