John C Wright on my reactionary science fiction

Over in John C Wright’s blog John wrote about, tangentially, motherhood.

I commented:

TJIC: My two-novel arc peaks in grand space-opera fashion: really big things blowing up, even bigger things blowing up, space ships bigger than anyone had expected, AIs, uplifted Dogs, coding hacks, robot hordes…but it does not CONCLUDE until the boy gets the girl – and the girl pulls back and says “wait, there’s one condition: we’re going to have kids. And lots of them.”

Who says science fiction can’t be reactionary?

To which John graciously replied:

JCW: But who says reactionaries are reactionary? It is the Politically Correct inmates of their own narrow thought prisons who react without thinking to support any idea that is against the status quo without bothering to discover if the status quo got its status for a reason.

From a science fiction point of view, the alien race that kills its own children in the womb sounds like some horrid insect critters from the dark side of the moon. It is the race of people who have lots of kids and lots more who will be the race that will rule the Sevagram.

This is an allusion to the curtain line of A E van Vogt’s WEAPON MAKERS OF ISHER, one of the best (and confusingest) curtain lines in Sciffydom, but the point of the line is that Man because of his emotional nature — including such emotions as loving Mom and loving one’s home and motherland — are destined to rule the galaxy.

The real reactionaries are the guys who are against the Mom and the flag and the cross and apple pie and babies and marriage, and honor and hope, the guys who hate Boy Scouts, the guys who hate the free market, the guys who hate and hate and hate — they are ones who react without thought. Whatever is their own, they hate.

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