progress continues

I finished the Mike-and-Darcy thread. There’s some really nice symmetry there – the book starts with a chapter that showcases Mike and shows that Darcy isn’t his top priority, and it ends with the two of them holding hands, looking at their new home, and committing to an exciting awesome future together.

…and then for pure writerly showing-off that only one reader in one thousand will catch, the very last paragraph of book 2 has a lot of close echoes to the very first paragraph of book 1.

(c.f. Isn’t this where we came in?)

I juggled some chapters around near the end so that the series ends with a Mike-and-Darcy chapter. Not only does this deliver the symmetry I note above, but it solves a problem: there’d been some weirdness where the saga ended on interleaved high notes (yay! this adventure is over!) and low notes (oh noz! there’s danger on the horizon!).

By moving four four chapters into an schwarma-scene-afterward I let the book end at the proper emotional pitch.

Damn, I’m smooth.

In stats news:

  • I’m 70.5% done and still on schedule for finishing this draft around 1 October.
  • 323,587 words = 1294 pages.
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