teaser: Dogs wait for John

I’m playing with the idea of posting one small snippet each day when I’m done with my daily 2,500 words of revision.

Here’s my first:

Blue scanned the horizon. Nothing. He checked his clock. Again.

Duncan must have been doing the same because at that very moment he spoke over the laser coms. “John’s taking too long. Something must have happened. Let’s call him.”

Max shook his head. “No. We have to stay off the radios. But I can go there and -”

Blue cut him off. “No. We’re unarmed.”

“We’ve got rocks.”

“Rocks?” Blue asked incredulously.

Max was insistent. “Yes, rocks. The PKs are weak. One Dog with a sharp rock versus -”

“No. Let’s let Rex finish his coding.”

“You’re not in charge.”

“Actually, I am. John PUT me in charge, remember?”

Max growled.

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