teaser: the invasion is about to occur and the Earth forces have inside men

== Outside Goldwater vault, level four, Aristillus, Lunar Nearside

Matthew Dewitt hit the button for the hazard lights, slowed the rented cherry picker to a stop and climbed out. Standing in the center of the road he moved quickly to pull the traffic cones down from the cargo area and quickly set them behind the vehicle, flipping the switch on each one to activate it and begin broadcasting its position into the datasphere.

That done, he climbed the rungs on the side of the vehicle and vaulted into the basket at the end of the arm, then placed his hands on the controls. The arm swung up smoothly and the overhead catwalks and ceiling light panels rushed towards him. He looked down at the traffic below – a few automated cargo sleds were approaching, then one at a time they slowed and swung around before accelerating back up to speed once they were past.

Dewitt turned his attention back to the equipment overhead. Here in an industrial section of the city there was no sky projection on the ceiling. No, the equipment was undisguised. Some of it was painted in stark colors: olive green for the potable water lines, safety red for the sprinkler lines, black and yellow for some chemical lines. And there, among the brackets, light panels, sprinklers and other equipment: the fake electrical supply box he’d installed a week ago. He jogged the controls on the cherry picker until he was close to it, then put his hand on the latch.

Dewitt looked around one last time. A few automated delivery vehicles and nothing else. Even all of the cameras outside warehouse doors were pointed down at the roadbed and the sidewalks, just like they’d been last week.

Dewitt unlocked the the door then let it swing open in the light gravity. Inside everything looked just as he left it.

He reached down into the bottom of the cherry picker basket, opened his tool box, and picked up a detonator.

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