teaser: the PK snatch team

The scene: Earth forces are assaulting Aristillus and a PK snatch team is trying to capture the Boardroom Group. John is back from his hike the Dogs and is using his old skills to try to save the good guys.

John barked. “Take us there. Now!”

Mike, to his credit, made an immediate decision – he opened the door and strode out. Karina objected “Where are we going? Do we -”

John ignored her and followed Mike. The fools would either follow him or not. There was a crash and then shoutting from behind him. The lobby. The desk that he’d pushed in front of the door would hold for a few seconds, but no more. Mike started to run and John followed him. The noise from the outter office mobilized the group where he’d be unable and they surged from immobility to near panic and out after them.

Seconds later they spilled into the garage, the boardroom members piling in behind them. Somewhere behind them there was another crash, more definitive and brutal than the others. The PKs were inside the building.

Ahead of them Mike’s project motorcycle was spread across a work bench – and the truck was parked next to it.

John threw the deadbolt on the door they’d just come through. “Who’s the best driver?”

Mike answered. “Me.” Javier raised one eyebrow but said nothing.

John looked around, saw three meter long wheeled tool cart, and started to push it towards the door. “Mike, you drive, I take shotgun. Everyone else – get in the back.” The cart slid into position and John locked its casters. It wouldn’t be as heavy an obstacle as it’d be back on Earth, but it was the best he could do.

Behind him the truck beeped as Mike unlocked it. John looked over and shouted “Don’t open the garage door until I say so!” then ran to the truck. The boardroom group had packed themselves into the cargo area but no one had pulled the door down. John yelled at them “get it closed!” then jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door behind him. Mike turned the key and the dash lit up.

“Once we open the door, drive fast.”

Mike nodded. “I can do that.” He twisted the road priority dial all the way to the right, then past the emergency detent with a click.

John continued to bark orders. “Drive down the middle of the road – if you see anything, veer away from it.”

Behind them the locked door rattled, then a shoulder was thrown against it. PKs on the far side started shouting.

“Where are we going? My ranch?”

“No, they might know that -”

“The preserve is listed as -”

“I know what how it’s listed.” He paused in thought for a second. “Do you know the loading docks at Sapporro food court?”


Mike flinched as a shotgun fired on the far side of the door. John looked in the truck sideview mirror. The PKs had shot out the top hinge. The gun fired again, then a third time.

John looked over at him. “Go!”

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