we have extensive files

I’ve generated an obscene amount of notes while writing the book.

During my hiatus I thought I might entertain you (is that the word? or are “bore” or “torture” closer to the mark?) with some bits.

First, an overview of the notes files. All numbers are word counts:

824 aristillus_layout.txt
427 book_design.txt
1635 character_how_to.txt
5117 character_sheets.txt
1097 firms.txt
312 kickstarter.txt
2797 marketing.txt
1317 military.txt
2948 notes.txt
2375 outline.txt
1080 physics.txt
257 printing_costs.txt
122 publishers.txt
1148 sequel.txt
735 ships.txt
11 style_guide.txt
250 timeline.txt
1966 todo.txt
4529 unused_chapters.txt
29 usernames.txt
92 wordpress_to_twitter_link.txt
1469 writing_notes.txt
30537 total

30,000 words in notes? That’s the equivalent of 120 pages of paperback text. Madness!

I promise to only pull out the more interesting bits.

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