Another great piece of fan mail (perhaps my favorite!)

JK wrotes:


They were delivered yesterday. Being a mature adult I did not slash open the cardboard with my “pocket knife ” in my front yard while doing a white boy Hakka.

My neighbors….. allow me a certain leeway because I keep their computers alive and do good bar b que.

I have been reading book 1 to my seven year old son aloud at night. One chapter before bed. He now wants to upgrade our doggo. I told him to google crispr and get back to me.

About half way through book 2. Wonderful. For my son’s twelfth birthday I will be giving him a complete leather bound edition of this series. I assume five years is workable for you?

I truly enjoy your story telling.

Thank you

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3 Responses to Another great piece of fan mail (perhaps my favorite!)

  1. Scott Carle says:

    I am baffled. I am reading comments and posts indicating that book two is done and in the wild. I just purchased and read book one but there is not hide nor hair of book two anywhere. It is not for sale on amazon… Where can I get book two at this time. Looking for digital for my kindle. 🙂 I figure it isn’t necassary to say I enjoyed book one as I am trying to get book two to read.

    • Travis J I Corcoran says:

      It is complete, kickstarter backers have received pre-publication copies, but the actual formal date of publication will be 2018, for a variety of reasons.

      I apologize for the delay.

      Thanks so much for enjoying book 1 enough that you want to read book 2!

  2. Scott McNary says:

    I enjoyed Powers of the Earth so much, I tried to give it 5 Stars on Amazon’s book review at the end of the book, multiple times over several weeks. I received instead a stock response from Amazon that the review was unavailable or words to that effect. What gives? I’ve never encountered an inability to leave a review on Amazon. Are reviews being blocked by Amazon?
    I’m anxiously waiting for the opportunity to buy your second book. Any more information re the publication date?
    I can almost assure you that anyone who read the first book would very much like to read the second, especially if the first is highly rated by readers.
    Good luck on your writing endeavors.

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