Books are shipping!

My wife (and very talented graphic designer) Jennifer revised the covers of the two books, and I’ve uploaded those images, plus the final proof-read text to Lulu.

All of the books that need to get signed by me ($999 tier and $250 tier) are on their way to my house. Once they get here I’ll sign them and turn them around ASAP.

All of the other books have shipped as well! …with the exception of those going to the 9 people who never filled out their kickstarter surveys. I’ve sent those 9 emails, so You Know Who You Are.

Lulu says that printing takes 3-5 business days. Being pessimistic, that means books will be printed next Wednesday (26 July). Shipping takes 2-6 business days. Again being pessimistic, books might arrive around 4 August.

Ebooks will go out soon; I intentionally pushed on physical books first so that I could achieve some parallelism while books were in the physical queue.

Thanks for your patience. This has been a project of 6.5 years (I started writing the novels on 1 January 2011), and it’s amazing to see it crossing the finish line.

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