Bureau of Sustainable Research – right on schedule!


I WOULD RATHER WE JUST ABOLISHED COPYRIGHT ENTIRELY THAN ENGAGE IN THIS TRAVESTY: “Reminiscent of buggy whip manufacturers taking legal action against auto makers, the former U.S. Register of Copyrights, Ralph Oman, has given an amicus brief in the Aereo case (PDF) stating that all new content-delivery technology should be presumed illegal unless and until it is approved by Congress. He adds that providers of new technology should be forced to apply to Congress to prove they don’t upset existing business models.”

I suggest that when the new agency is set up we name it something happy sounding, like, oh, say “The Bureau of Sustainable Research”. Or “BuSuR” for short.

page 115:

Restivo’s anger over the fact that someone in the DoD was double-crossing him and his mission dissipated – at least for the moment. He was fascinated by what was on the screen. This must be the anti-gravity. He shook his head. A new technology? How weird. He remembered how – when he was young, up through college – new technologies, new websites, new EVERYTHING sprung up in a frantic pace. Thankfully all that had been calmed down by BuSuR. What must it have been like for his parents and grandparents to live in that chaotic maelstrom?

And here he was, watching a new technology. In 2064.

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