Dramatis Personae: Darren Hollins

Name: Darren Hollins (CEO Goldwater)
motivation 1: become a billionaire
motivation 2: avoid getting entangled in politics
Nick: n/a
Birth: American, Montana
Age: 51
Race: white
Eye: blue
Hair: salt-and-pepper (mostly white)
build: wiry
skin: white
dress: slacks, beige oxford shirt
mannerism: professional
SO: none. single.
pers traits: openness to experience – high
conscientiousness – very high
extroversion – med
agreeableness – high neuroticism – low
background: 2009 – born in Montana
2030 – graduated Colorado School of Mines
2035 – coal mine employer shut down
2040 – oil shale mine employer shut down
2045 – move to Peru, work at gold mine
2050 – leverage buy-out of mine[ 2053 – first lunar landing ]

2054 – hear rumors via paid mole in government of
nationalization, sell mine to XXX
2055 – mine nationalized, XXX is deeply angry
Darren returns to US
2056 – hears rumors of moon
2057 – moves to moon ; Goldwater established
2063 – current day

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