Dramatis Personae: Blue

Name: Blue (1st Gen Dog.) [ 64 hits ]
Nick: n/a
Birth: Palo Alto, CA
Age: 22 (effective age ~ 40) Expected lifespan: ~40 ?
Race: genetically modified Australian Cattle dogs
dress: custom canine spacesuit (Airtight Gen V)
mannerism: like Strider. Regal. Refined. Never equalled.
pers traits: openness to experience – very high
conscientiousness – very very high
extroversion – very low
agreeableness – med-low
neuroticism – med
other: melancholic.
background: 2041 – born
2059 – smuggled to moon
2063 – current day
motivation 1: Never to repeat the canine holocaust
motivation 2: Cooperation with humans
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