dramatis personae: Mike Martin

Name: Mike Martin (588 hits)
motivation 1: lunar independence
motivation 2: get rich (in conflict with #1!)
Nick: Mike
birth: American, TX
age: 55
race: white
Eye: hazel
Hair: grey, crewcut, clean shaven
build: average
dress: jeans, polo shirt, leather jacket (when on bike)
mannerism: abrupt, not overly refined
pers traits: openness to experience – very high
conscientiousness – high
extroversion – medium
agreeableness – low
neuroticism – low

also: assertive, trustworthy

background: 2008 – born to a lower middle class family in West Texas
2026 – father died
~2028 – skipped college, self educated
2028-2048 – built four corporations
2048 – caught up in CEO trials ??? (age 40)
– jailed for 6 months
2051 – refurbishes old TBM in warehouse in Idaho in prep for moon landing
2053 – first lunar landing
2063 – current day
– Leroy releases blackmail tape
– Rob Wehrmann at General Tunnels switches registrars
– college kids release investigative videos
– X, Y, Z customers switch away from Mike
occupation/edu: CEO Morlock Engineering
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2 Responses to dramatis personae: Mike Martin

  1. jw says:

    Since this isn’t a picture of you/profile of Travis, I am calling BS!

    • Jenny says:


      I’d always pictured Mike as a sort of cross between TJIC and Richard Branson.

      I love the West Texas background! I wonder what his family was doing during the Texas/Alaska/Idaho uprisings?

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