57.3% done with draft 4.

On target to finish this draft on 11 October 2013.

When I was 22 % done the novel was 291,000 words.

Now that I’m 57% done it’s at 318,000 words.

In other words, every 1% of the novel I revise, I add 771 words. This is remarkably consistent; I noted the exact same thing two months ago. I mean the exact same thing. The number I came up with then was 771 words per percent done, the number I come up with today is 771.4.


Anyway, I’m heading for a target (it seems) of 351,000 words, which is 1,400 paperback pages.


I’m now 141 days into draft 4 (almost five months!) and I have another two months to go.

Not to mention that I started this project 30 months ago and have been working on it consistently, with just a few short breaks.

I have never ever ever in my life worked so long and so hard on a project.

I hope it will be worth it. Common sense and prudence tells me that I’ll probably sell a few hundred copies of the novel, make – perhaps – one or two thousand dollars, and spend almost all of that (or more than all of it) paying for copy editing services.

In short, my expected take from this project is somewhere between a $500 loss and a $500 profit.

All of which is pretty thin gruel to justify 3,000 hours or so of labor (if I hit the upper end and make a $500 profit, I’ll have made an wage of 16 cents per hour).

Times like this are when I feel like I’m hunting a white whale, and if the whole ship needs to go under in order for me to catch him, then the hell with the ship, because I will harpoon that bastard come hell or high water.

…or both.

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  1. Rawle Nyanzi says:

    Seems like you’re writing quite the doorstopper here.

    Well, I signed up for the release updates, so I’ll be waiting to see how this book turns out.

    Best of luck.

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