teaser: the invasion is on

Dewitt’s slate beeped as a pop-up from the airlock administration interface appeared. “Remote Maintenance Request: tier 2 admin attempt to set state to ‘offline’. Approve?”

He clicked “Deny”. The pop-up disappeared.

A moment later the pop-up reappeared. He looked at the interface and saw a checkbox for “do this every time”. He checked the box, then clicked “Deny” again.

At almost the same instant he felt a faint yet solid impact through the floor.

Then another.

Then another.

Dewitt tapped at his slate and called up a view from the airlock’s exterior camera. On the plain beyond there was some junk off to the left – a handful of cargo containers butted front-to-back with a pile of equipment and junk on top – and beyond that he could see one ship centered in the view and the bow of a second and the stern of a third. As he watched, a fourth drifted down view from above, then slowly settled into position. Another rumble rolled through the floor. As he watched two more ships drifted down.

The invasion was on.

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