stats 2014 update

I’m 53 days and 43 percent of the way in to draft 5.

It’s going a bit slower than I had hoped when I started this draft, but I’m still doing 3-4 hours per day, 7 days per week, and getting more done per day than on any previous draft (partially because the input material is more finished than in any other draft, and partially just because I’m cranking out more hours per day).

draft start finish duration words/day size
1 1 Jan ’11 24 Aug ’11 235 720 169,000
2 1 Jan ’12 3 Aug ’12 215 976 210,000
3 04 Aug ’12 20 Dec ’12 139 1,975 275,000
4 17 Mar ’13 30 Oct ’13 227 1,462 332,049
5 23 Apr ’14 23 Aug ’14
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4 Responses to stats 2014 update

  1. Just checking in. Hope the publication date is fast approaching!

    • MorlockP says:

      Hey Jeffrey, thanks for stopping by. I was thinking of you just the other day, when I drove past some the hotel you were staying at for that Rush concert a year or two back.

      The book is still pretty on schedule. I took a week off and the schedule has slipped perhaps a week, but we’re still looking at this fall. I’ve also submitted it to one small / indie publisher (waiting to hear back now; if I get accepted then I have to decide whether to go w them or self publish).

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